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DTS Custom Service manufacturers complete bolt-in assemblies or we can build them to your specifications. We build new 12-bolts, Dana 44s, 60s, 9's and 8.8 rear-ends. DTS Custom also rebuilds and modifies other rear-ends from cores. Whether it's your core or one of ours.

12 Bolt

DTS Custom Services Options - DTS Custom offers other quality, parts and services to compliment our assemblies. Powder coating, polishing, suspension and brake packages as well as standard options such as yoke sizes, gear ratios, bolt circle and stud choices.

Blue 9

DTS Manufacturing Capabilities - DTS Custom Services builds top-quality rear end assemblies. But, did you know DTS is a full-scale manufacturing facility as well? Our precision 12-bolt castings speak for themselves. Each casting is CNC machined in one setup to ensure that all tolerances are concentric to the same centerline.

Blue 9

Available Housings

Housings and Complete Assemblies

GM 10-Bolt
GM 12-Bolt
Dana 44
Dana 60
Ford 9"
Ford 8.8"
Custom Rears
Custom Driveshafts